RevenueHits review

RevenueHits is a performance based Advertising networks, Means it is CPA based network, In CPA passed network you ad network pays you for leads or actions by users. Actions could be of different types like purchase, inquiry, signup, page visits, software download, Mobile App download etc.
The owner of RevenueHits is by Intango, It is an isreli based adnework company and was established in 2008. RevenueHits is known to be delivering more than 2 billion of impressions per day.
Publisher Requirement: There is no traffic requirement to join RevenueHits, You can join it even if you have zero visits for your website, But if you don’t have massive traffic then it would be very hard for you to generate traffic, because RevenueHits is manly based on CPA. If you gain traffic for the keywords that give conversion, then this network is worth for you, If you have such visitors who are not interested in any type of shopping then you may face problem in generating revenue with CPA networks like RevenueHits. There are no language restrictions with it, you can get approved websites in any language.

Minimum Payout: Minimum payout of RevenueHits is 50 USD, You must reach your earnings to 50 USD to withdraw the amount.

Ad quality: Ad quality of RevenueHits is really not good, They send sometimes spammy ads.I hope in near future, they will focus on ad quality and they will provide neat and clean ads to their publishers.

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