Propellerads is going to be monetag launch announcement & FAQ:

propellerads ads becomes monetag ad network

Starting from December 1, 2022, publishers’ platform will be called

They claim that they always aim to meet publishers expectations for outstanding revenues and superior ad experience for your users. That’s why they have achieved great results in the development of pioneering monetization technologies — and have big plans for the next few years!

The new name reflects our goal to fully focus on publishers and developing high-tech monetization solutions. The better the technology, the easier and more efficient it is to use. That’s why in Monetag, publishers will benefit from the latest AI-based technologies. Just put our Tag/Tags, Monetize your traffic and get good Money.

Changing our name is an exciting step for us, and we hope you love the new brand as much as we do.

Earnings and payments:

What will happen to my earnings?
They will automatically allocate all your earnings to your Monetag account.
Will these changes affect CPM?
They say that we will transfer everything settings, websites, zones, statistics and CPM to your new account without any changes.
Will the payment terms change? (minimum payouts, payment methods, billing types)
They claim that they keep all current payment methods active and payment terms will be the same as the ones you are used to.
Do all the current benefits (weekly payouts, priority programs e.t.c.) remain the same?
They say They’ll keep the whole set of benefits for you. Nothing is missing!

Working with the platform
Do I need to register a new Publisher account?
No, you don’t need.
Do I need to change anything in the account settings?
No. They say All your settings will remain the same — just like you set them.
Will the conditions for sites that can be monetized change?
They will continue to take good care of the traffic quality and check all the content that comes to us. Still no bots, incentive traffic, violence, and adult content.
Do I need to pass the KYC again if I already did it?
No, you don’t need to pass the KYC process again.
Do I need to add and verify my sites once again?
They will keep the verification statuses of all sites unchanged.
Can I create a new account if PropellerAds previously banned my account? Are you going to lift the ban from the accounts?
If your account has been previously banned for a breach, then we cannot provide you with the Monetag services as well.
Will the zones/ad tags stay the same?
Yes, all zones and ad tags will stay unchanged.
If I have two accounts – advertiser and publisher, will something change for me?
They say You (publishers) don’t need to worry. You will just work with two platforms: as an advertiser — at PropellerAds, and as a publisher — at Monetag.

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