We are SEO specialists who are expert in bringing search engine rakings through natural and organic strategies. When we are working on any SEO project then we do the things by taking care of Google guidelines. We are also specialized in bring search Engine rakings on the basis of Geos.

seo packages

Some details of our SEO packages are as follows:

Search Engine optimization is basically of two types:

  1. On-Site optimization
  2. 2) Off-site Optimization

In on-site optimization we make changes in your site to make your site search engine friendly while in opposite optimization we build quality and natural back-links to improve link popularity and authority of your website.

To cover all the aspects of SEO optimization we provide SEO packages, some details about our seo packages are as follows:

  1. Navigation Analysis: We will review navigation of your website and prepare of a report of navigation issues.
  2. Competitor research: We will do competitor research and find out what keywords your competitors have promoted and why they are ranking top.   
  3. Keyword Research: We will do keyword search and find best performing keyword for your website.
  4. Landing page Optimization: We will optimize your all the landing pages bay taking care of relevant keywords and fix the SEO issues of the pages.
  5. Title and Meta tag optimization: We will prepare unique tile Meta data(description and keyword) with perfection for your all the pages and optimize with relevant and best performing keyword.  
  6. Image optimization: We will optimize your images with perfect image size so that speed of your website becomes fast, after that we will optimize alt text and title of every image.
  7. Sitemap creation: We will create html and .XML site maps so that Google may not face any issues in crawling your web pages.
  8. Robot.txt file Optimization: We will block your all the junk files and private pages and files, by using robots.txt to keep your site safe from any Google penalty.
  9. Google Analytics Configuration: We will configure Google analytics account for your website so that you could check performance of your website on regular basis. We will also guide you how to use Google Analytics.
  10. Google Search Console Configuration: Google Search Console is also known as Google Webmaster tools, We will configure Google Search Console account for your website to review your website and find SEO problems in your website. Google Search Console also allows us to check performance of the websites.
  11. We will perform URL mapping and URL rewriting
  12. Reviewing internal and external links and performing nofollow link checks
  13. Checking and fixing canonical issues: We will check your website if it is having any canonical issues and will fix it if there is any.
  14. We will optimization of your existing content and will do right placement of keywords.
  15. We will perform content plagiarism check for your website
  16. We will configure bing’s Webmaster tools for your website.
  17. We will implement 301 redirection where required.

Our Link Building Strategies: We will strive to build quality back links to boost link popularity and authority of your website.

  1. Article Submission: We make submissions in various popular article directories to gain back links there.
  2. We will do submissions in various   popular social bookmarking sites to gain back links.
  3. We will participate in yahoo answers to gain back-links there.
  4. We will submit your links in various popular directories.
  5. We will create link wheels to boost link popularity of your website.
  6. We will make link submissions in various popular web 2.0 sites to gain back links there.
  7. We will do .pdf submissions in various pdf submissions sites.
  8. We will do .ppt submissions in various .ppt submissions sites.
  9. We will do image submissions in various image sharing sites.
  10. We will do rss summations in various rss submission sites.
  11.    We will create and promote blogs for your website.
  12. We will make summations in various free classified ad submission sites.
  13.    We will create threads and make replies of the threads of others in various relevant forums to gain back links
  14. We will make submission of your website in various search engines
  15. We will create hub pages to boost link popularity of your website.
  16. We will publish article on medium.com to gain back links there.
  17. We will create profile links in various profile creation sites.
  18. We will submit your videos in various video submission sites.
  19. We will try to gain link by submitting guest posts in various relevant blog sites.

SMO: We perform smo services on various social media platforms to gain social signals.

smo packages