Infolinks Review

infolinks is a adnetwork that gives opportunity to publishers to monetize their traffic and to advertisers it gives opportunity to display ads on its network.
Although infolinks cannot pay you as much as adsense pays but if you have been facing issue to get approval from AdSense then obviously you can consider infolinks as Alternative for adsense. There are many such people whose account when is disabled by AdSense then they stop monetizing their traffic and forget that there is still alternative for them to monetize their traffics, such people can use ads networks like info links. There are many adnet work who claim to be alternative for AdSense but either they pay very few or their ads quality is not good, Here infolinks rate is satisfactory and it displays neat and clean ads.

infolinks review
To get publisher account you need to sign up their join us form. In this form you have to fill your website name, Your full name, your email address and password. Once you have submitted the join form with all the details then it will go to approval to infolinks team, The approval process could take 5-7 business days. Once your account is approved then you can use their ads on your website to monetize your traffic.
With info link you don’t need to create any extra space to display ads, Infolinks links its ads in the keywords of your content and theirt text link ads look like normal links of your website, so such ads get higher clciks, When your ads get higher clicks then your CTR is increased , when CTR increases then your earning increases.
If you have traffics from tier one countries like USA, Canada then you will get good CPC rate but they pay lower rate for Asian traffics.

infolinks cpm

Many say that infolinks pay on the basis of views but really this is not true, You can see in the report, despite of gaining ad views more than 100, still earning is zero. Yes they pay on the basis of clicks, While in their report click is missing, I hope in near future they will also provide report on the basis of clicks as well.
They provide different types of ads:
1) In tags
2) In frame ads
3) Infold-ads

Minimum Payout: Their minimum payout is of 50 USD, once you are reached this threshold you can request for payment.
Payment methods: Infolinks offers many different ways for publishers to receive their payment for example Paypal, eCheck, ACH( Only for USA bank accounts) and Payoneer. You can set your preferred payment option, it is available under payment setting.

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