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mgid review will be publish here

MGID provides a facility to advertisers to display their ads on its network and to publishers it helps to monetize the traffic if their website. MGID provides native ads. MGID is good for those whose adsense account is disabled or They are facing decline from adsense for approval of a AdSense account.
When your account is approved then they provide you email id of a Personal manager. You can contact him/her if you face any issue in monetizing traffic of your website and they will promptly respond you with the solution of your problems and issues faced by you.
If you want to join to mgid then, You just need to contact them by just filling their contract form with information of Website URL, Your remain address, Telephone number, selecting option in contact form ‘monetize my website’ later this type a request mail that you want to get a publisher account for your website to monetize the traffic of your website. Now within 24 hours they will create a account for you and they will send you the login details,, Now you can login your account but you fill see that the status of your website is held under review/approval. Now after few hours you will get an email about approval/Rejection of your website. If your website is approved then you can create a customized widget as pert your requirement. You can start monetizing the traffics of your website by placing widget code into your web pages.
Once the code is placed in your web pages, the starts will start appearing on your web pages. Although it could take around 30 minutes to display properly the ads so you need to have some patience if your ads are not instantly appearing on your web page.
Once things are done and ads start appearing on your website then you can track the report in the dashboard, they reporting system is really pretty nice, They provide you a good analytics in their reporting system.

Publisher requirement:
1) They expect 3000 unique visitors per day, But If your website is having good content then they could approve your website even if you get around 1.5 thousands unique visitors per day.
2) MGID doesn’t accept accept a website with adult content nor they display adult content on the sites/blogs of publishers.
3) MGID approves the websites that are having illegal content, download, images etc.
4) MGID doesn’t accept websites/blogs that host malware/virus.
5) Mgid don’t approve account for those who generate fake impressions, clicks with bots.
6) Your content should be relevant and meaningful

Minimum payout: 100 usd
Payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer Prepaid card, Bank Transfers, Payoneer bank transfer, Tipalti bank transfer, ACH bank-to-bank transfers (Beneficiary’s bank is located in USA), Interantional bank-to-bank transfers

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