Review is a ad work that provides native ads. works good for USA, Canada and European traffics. If the majority of your traffic comes from the Asian countries then you will face problem in monetizing from these geos. These geos have some of the lowest rates in network. If You want great earning from then I highly recommend targeting US, UK, CA, AU, and NZ. Once this is done, you should see your rates are increased. review

Default content ratings of is PG-13, in this rating they could display adult content as well so if you want neat and clean ad on your website then you may be needed to change the default content rating as PG or G.
There is a plus point with that their ads are such type that they get clicks, I mean to tell you that you will not face problem in gaining clicks with but You may face problem in earning if you don’t have traffic from USA, Canada and other European countries from where their CPC and CPM rates are very high.
By default its send WIDGET SUMMARY report of 7 days but you can select the criteria to get report of desired dates.

content ad cpc rates

Above snapshot is CPC report, Majority of clicks were Asian so above CPC rate is for Asian traffic. No doubt their ads get good clicks but their rates for Asian traffics is not satisfactory. geo report pays for the All geos but the rates for Asian countries are very low. As you can see in the reporting we have accumulated revenue for these geos but rate of every geos are not same. If you want get good CPC rates then I recommend bringing in traffic from US, UK, CA, AU, and NZ.

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