How to make money online 2022

Everyone loves to earn money by juts sitting at home and be own boss. If you want to become your own boss and make by sitting at home, then you should learn how to make money online. There are many ways you can make money online by just sitting at home. Here I am going to tell you some methods.

Blogging: With blogging you can make good money by just creating and promoting your own blog, If you want to generate good revenue then you should target high paying keywords on your blog, because advertisers pay higher for such keywords that give them business and also you should target tier countries like USA, Canada, Advertisers pay higher rates for the clicks and impressions of such countries.
To start blog you have to register a domain and buy a hosting plan to live your website. If you don’t have money to buy domain and hosting then no issue, you can start your own blog on Google’s is owned by Google. It provides you facility to create a blog for free, Even you have not to pay single penny if you want start your blog with, but you need is just good writing skill, You content should be of original, relevant, high quality and impressive.

If you want to successful blogging to make money then you cannot you cannot ignore ads of GooglAdsense . GooglAdsense is a ad network that provides facility of to publishers to display Google ads on their websites/blogs and to advertisers provides facility to displays ads on its ad network.
vlogging: Video blogging is known as vlogging, With vlogging you create vides and upload on video sites like youtube, Note that your videso should be interesting with good information and impressive so that it could get watch from the viewers, If you crate video and upload on and your video gets good views and watch then you can use ads of Google to display in the content of your video. Note that if people watch your full video and give it likes and comments then it will rank higher in youtube and it will get more and more views, If people leave your video without watching full but only little part, then youtube knows that it was not a good video and viewer did not get information what he/she was looking for so youtube lets not rank well to your video, so you have to achieve good watch time to rank it better.
3) Ebay: You can make money by selling products on, but to make money on you should have good products so that people could buy it.
4) Online Tutoring:
5) Writing and selling ebook online
6) Amazon

7) Doing freelance on web

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