How To Make Money With Email Marketing

Email marketing has the highest conversation rate than all the other marketing channels. According to the statistics, more than 66% of the online consumers bought a service/product after receiving email marketing message. The transactions completed from email are three times more profitable than those made with the help of social media. Are you looking for ways to monetize your email marketing campaigns? Here are some proven ways to monetize your email marketing.

How to make money online with email marketing

Sell Products Online

You need to find a physical or digital service to sell online. Without a product to promote, it will be difficult for you to make money from your email marketing campaign. Florida has seen the most cash outs with the help of email marketing. If you are still confused about which service to sell, you should take help from best email service in Orlando FL and they will guide you in selecting the services and how to market them on the web. Some common products/services that you can sell online are ebooks, online courses, classes, and workshops.

Sell other people’s products/ Affiliate Marketing

You do not need to necessarily sell your own product to make money from your email marketing campaign. With the help of affiliate marketing, you can make money from other people’s products. Your email marketing campaign will send customers their way and you will make a profit out of it. For an effective affiliate email marketing campaign, you need to have a strong connection with your subscribers. As you are pitching other people’s services and products, a strong connection is the only thing that will stop the users from unsubscribing your service.

Upsell Exclusive Products

This is arguably one of the best ways to increase the revenue from email marketing. You only need to increase the average selling price of the exclusive products and this will make you one of the best email marketing service in Orlando FL. Say you are selling monthly memberships of home improvement that also includes access to database and community of users. A potential upsell to the package would be to include one-on-one consultation sessions for increasing the beauty of the home. A user who is looking to remodel the home would love a one-on-one counseling session as they can easily ask the questions that they are hesitant to ask in front of other users. Most people will pay top dollar for these consultation sessions.

Cross-sell related products

People all over the world are using the internet to purchase the products. You can use the information of the users to entice them to purchase similar products. You can send automated emails which can make them interested in your products and entice them to buy the similar services.

Get repeat purchases

On the same lines of cross-selling, you need to devise the product or service that call for repeat purchases. Email marketing is a great tool to give a reminder to the clients to make steady purchases and increase your steady stream of sales. Email marketing is an effective tool for businesses that sell perishable or seasonal goods. Giving discounts to the recurring customers can also help you attract more customers.

Have a cart abandonment plan

You will stumble upon different customers that step away from the purchase because they were not ready to make a purchase. Companies who provide services of top email marketing in Orlando FL uses recurring emails to attract the same set of customers by sending out recurring emails. A company that sends recurring emails to people who returned from the shopping cart has 2.4 times more chance to close the sales. A good practice is to send the first email after a day, another one after 48 hours and possibly the third one after 4 days. You need to keep these emails short and sweet. You do not need to hurt the sentiments of the users that shy away from the purchase and inject some humor in the email.

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