How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

If you are wondering how to make money with Affiliate marketing then this is the right post for you. Affiliate marketing is aptly called passive income as it will make you money while you sleep. There are now two ways to earn money through Affiliate marketing. You can either join in Affiliate marketing program and boost the sales of products or sell your products through Affiliate marketing and make money. If you chose to promote products of others you will get a commission for every referral and every purchase made through you.

Affiliate markets use the internet and some social media sites to promote the products. If you are interested in making money through promotions, the only job you have to do is to provide an advertising platform. Do not expect to become rich by starting the Affiliate marketing. The money you make through Affiliate marketing depends solely on your promotional skills. Without any doubt, it is the cheapest way to earn money online as you do not invest any money in it except for your time.

How to start Affiliate marketing

Start by joining an Affiliate marketing program and try to find the products which you want to sell. If you are a social media blogger with some followers, try to promote products related to your blog as the chance of your followers buying such products through you is high. In a simple sense, Affiliate marketing is nothing but linking a business to its buyer through you. The sales made through you will be given as a commission. The statistics of the sales made through you can be found out in the Affiliate network and software.

What do you need for Affiliate marketing?

Even though it is a no-investment business program you need to have a blog space or own website to promote the products. You need to hone some writing skills to make the promotions attractive. Brushing up some knowledge of CSS and HTML will help you to create beautiful promotions on your web pages or blog.

If you have your own blog or social media space, you can get the copies of links of the products from the seller. Paste those links in your web space to direct the traffic to the seller site. You will also get referral codes from the sellers which can be used for promotions. Interested buyers will use your code to buy the goods or services from the seller. Whenever a customer subscribes to the seller website or makes a purchase through you, you will be given money based on the percentage of sales.

Types of Affiliate marketing

Pay per sales: As the name suggests you will get commission only when a buyer does a purchase using your referral code or your promotions by the seller. This form is very much supported by the advertisers as they have the clear results of conversion.

Pay per click (PPC): Usually the Affiliate can paste the link in their blog or any advertisement space which is related to the product. For every click made on the link by the customer, the Affiliate is given a percentage of money. The reason behind this is to increase traffic to the seller’s site and hope for good sales.

Pay per leads: This is different from the PPC model as the seller only pays money when the potential buyer is a lead. The customer becomes a lead once he signs up for the seller’s website or takes up their trial offer. It ensures the seller to have a potential customer on the hand.

Advantages of Affiliate marketing

  • If you join the Affiliate marketing as a promoter, you do not need to spend money to set up an actual business. You are just promoting the products of others and earning commissions.
  • You are not required to create a service or develop any products.
  • There is absolutely no need to store the products or deal with the headache of shipments.
  • You do not need to hire any employees or set up an office to earn money.
  • The job is flexible and there are no set timings or deadlines.
  • You have the option to work from home or basically anywhere with a good internet plan.
  • There are no limitations to your market. Your promotions can even target global markets and bring in new customers depending on the brand.

It is very helpful for beginners to associate themselves with Affiliate products related to their niche. If you are a mom blogger, you can associate yourself with brands related to baby care, baby clothing, and baby foods. If you are a yoga enthusiast, correlate yourself with products related to Yoga merchandise and clothing. This kind of Affiliate marketing is relatable to your social followers and you can gain the trust from them and promote the brand you believe in well.

Tips for Affiliate marketing

Instead of becoming overwhelmed with a lot of Affiliate products stick with few brands you are familiar with or associate only with brands relatable to you. Take time during the initial months to promote the products with your heart. Use latest technology or marketing techniques to promote the products. Stay on top of all the latest trends and link them to the products you are promoting. Choose a right seller for promoting their merchandise or services as the break in trust or loyalty will impact largely on the digital marketing campaigns.

Spend time and energy in creating well-written posts or blogs. Link up your experiences along with pictures for the promotional products. Gaining trust and building strong bonds with the followers during the promotions is very essential to stabilize your Affiliate marketing business. Understand how the market works for your promotional products and try not to spam too much on a single product. Apart from promoting on your own sites, link up the promotions with others to gain more traffic. The sales of the product will be high based on the extent of visibility it achieves.

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