How to keep your account Adsense account safe from getting disabled

If your AdSense account is approved and you have started using ads of Google then there also comes a challenge for you to keep safe your AdSense account from getting disabled from AdSense. The system of Google is very strong, If you violate AdSense policy at any time then your AdSense account could be disabled, So you should try your best to not violate any policy of AdSense.

Here I am mentioning some points, hope my points could help you in keep safe your AdSense account:

1) If your website is having only few visitors, And you start using AdSense then this case, If AdSense gets majority impressions from a single ip then AdSense could consider fake impressions and this could cause to get disabled your AdSense account.

2) Don’t use ads of those ad networks with adsense that send ads related hacking and cracking
3) Don’t use ads of the networks with AdSense that send objectionable ads
4) Don’t use ads of those ad networks that send fake news or spread hate in any form.
5) Don’t click on your ads nor invite your friends to give a click.
6) Don’t get fake impressions from bot or in any ethical way
7) Don’t use more than 3 ad –units on any page
8) Don’t use AdSense at the pages where are not enough content or no content.
9) Don’t use AdSense ads at the pages using copied content
10) )Don’t use AdSense ads at the pages with adult content
11) Don’t generate traffic by using unethical strategies
12) When AdSense account is approved ads start appearing then some think that putting more and more pages will provide them more traffics, and more traffic will generate more revenue for them, so they start adding more and more pages, in starting they are so excited that they forget Google guidelines and policies and start using copied and meaningless content, in such cases they lose their AdSense account because Google is very strict and they don’t tolerate those who violate Google guidelines and policy

Keep having eyes on the CTR report, If you ever see much higher CTR rates than the average then in such cases possibilities of Invalid clicks activities arises, Note that If In valid click activity happens on your site then you are right person to take action and stop this, If you keep ignoring and your site keeps getting invalid clicks then in such cases your AdSense could be disabled at any time.
Whenever you see invalid click activity on ads of your site, then you may be needed instantly to stop showing ads on your sites after that inform Google by filling this form
If you just fill the form and don’t stop ads on your site, and ads keep getting invalid clicks then there are a lot of chances to get disabled your AdSense account because this is the responsibility of Adsense to protect their advertisers.
Read more about invalid clicks:

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