How to get Google Adsense Account Approval

These days many has choses blogging as their part of carrier, Bloggers monetize their website traffic by showing ads on their websites.
When it comes a top ad network to monetize the traffic then name of Google AdSense comes first. People prefer AdSense because ads quality of AdSense is very good and their rate is better than other ad networks, and there is no traffic requirement to join AdSense,
To join AdSense ad network there is no traffic requirement but this don’t mean that it is very easy to get AdSense account approved for your website.
There are some guidelines to join the AdSense ad network; If you violate any guidelines of theirs then it would be very hard for you to get AdSense account approved.
So I am here going to provide some points, so that you could keep in mind before applying for an AdSense account.
1) If you want use AdSense ads on your website then you shouldn’t use copied content.
2) Don’t use copyrighted images on your website. You can use riolety free images.
3) Don’t use too much images on your web pages, If you use more images and less content then AdSense will not approve your website.
4) Put unique, relevant and impressive Meta content for every web page.
5) Every web page of your website should be responsive(mobile friendly)
6) Your website shouldn’t be having any kind of malware or virus.
7) Your website should not be using sneaky redirects or any other kind of redirects that mislead the visitors.
8) User interface and Navigation link structure should be very good.
9) You should not do keyword stuffing on any web page of your website.
10) If you are having OBL(Outbound Links on your website) then make the OBL links no-follow before applying.
11) Load time of your website should be satisfactory; It should not take too much time to get loaded. Bad scripts and bad hosts make a site slow. So optimize scripts of your website and use a perfect host to make speed fast of your website. If you are using wordpress then don’t use unnecessary plugins, If any plugin making slow your website then disable it before applying
12) Your articles should be written to gain engagement of your visitors but not just search engines, If users leaving your website just after visiting your website then bounces rate will become high Google doesn’t like sites with high bounce rate.
13) Although Google doesn’t require any traffic to approve AdSense but I recommend you to have at least 50 organic traffic before applying, If you don’t have organic traffics then you can at least try to gain at least 50 unique visitors/day from Social media. This will put positive impact to get your AdSense account approved, Because they approve your account so that you and Google both could make some money by monetize your traffic, If you have zero traffic then your website will not be able to make any money so in this case neither you will make any money nor Google while Google approves your website to make money from your website.
14) Your website should have at least 3o web pages before you apply to get AdSense account
15) Your website should not get traffics from boat, nor from any unethical way.
16) You r website should follow Google webmaster guidelines
17) You should have configured your Google webmaster tools account and Google analytics for your website before you apply.
18) If your application gets rejected then you should wait at least 20-25 days and try to fix the issue by taking care of received mail from Google, Only after that Apply. If you re-apply quickly and don’t wait for 20-25 days then it could give negative impact on your application and your approval could be put on hold, and you have to wait ½ months or more than this while in general case they take time of 2-3 days
19) If you have applied from any Gmail id and unfortunately your application got rejected because your website was not following AdSense guidelines then you can reply again after fixing the issues but use the same email id and don’t use another, changing email id again and again could put negative impact on your application, what is major thing that you need you need to look into the problems into your website and fix the issues as per received mail from Google
20) If your blog or website is niche of education or health or tech then you can easily get approved AdSense for your website because AdSense likes such niche to serve their ads
21) Your website should be not be under construction at the time when you are applying to get AdSense account.
22) Google allows using ads of others as well along with AdSense, But I recommend to remove all the ads before you apply to get AdSense account.
23) You should not use hacking, cracking and adult content on your website.
24) Your website should not spread fake news nor hate in any form which could be harmful for the society.
25) Before you apply for AdSense, you should have following web pages
About us
Contact us
Privacy policy
26) Note that Google team checks all the pages, so don’t use copied content at any page nor violate Google Guidelines or policy.
27) If you put any quote in your content, then make sure that you give credit to the website from where you got quote, you can link their website link to give them credit of it.

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If you still face trouble to getting AdSense account approved, and then send me your website URL, I will review it and will tell you problems in your website to fix.

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