Google adsense now supports Tamil Language

If you have a website or blog in Tamil language then now we have a good news for you. Now you can monetize traffic of you website by using google adsense ads because now adsense has started supporting Tamil language as well. Before this Tamil bloggers and site owners facing problem to find a good ad network. Now they will be not left behind, they can use adsense ads to monetize their traffics at very good rate by displaing neat and clean ads on their website.

On Friday, February 09, 2018, Google has officially announced on their blog  that they have started accepting websites in Tamil langue to send ads. Read more:

There are many ad providers but AdSense has dominated the market internet advertising and You can generate good revenue by using AdSense ads. Currently no one is able to provide good revenue as much as ad sense provides.

But their approval reprocess is very strict but you must try. You should make your site according to Google webmaster Guidelines before applying for approval.

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