Types of Snapchat Ads and Cost

Snapchat is widely used and it has managed to capture huge market share, this piece of application is used across the globe nearly by every individual who is active on social media. In its starting days the application was thought to be complicated and people would avoid using it but now it is embraced by majority of people including celebrities, athletes, online shopping websites many other industries, they use it to showcase their daily routines or just share anything that would interest their fans. Snapchat jumped in the advertising business and offered various new ways to advertise products or services.

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Today we will be going through Snapchat adverts, some might work for your business or personal branding while others are fun to use which increases brand engagement.

Sponsored Filters: This is an amazing way for business to get users interact with them. These filters can be applied to still images or videos. The lens detects the user’s face and they can interact with the filter when they open mouth, raise eyebrows or just shake their head. Snapchat’s creative partners make the filters and usually it takes time to implement due to customization. Sponsored lens is less flexible for advertiser but you can change the lens during the campaign lifespan because there are multiple lens and filters for still photos and videos. The filters can be used by front and back camera and it can also be changed if there is variety provided by the advertiser.
Sponsored lens is an effective way to engage with your potential customer and increase brand awareness.

Discovery Ads: Discovery tab features trending stories, special events, hot topics and anything related to your interest or location. Discovery ads show up in the discovery tab which enables advertisers to reach millions of people at once. These ads are very effective for magazines, celebrities or any product/service provider and they are wildly used for new brand launch events or upcoming movie.

Snap Ads: These ads pop up during a story, when a user views a story on the discovery tab a snap ad pop ups during the video or image for 10 seconds, if a potential customer is interested in your snap ad he or she might swipe up for more information where in-detail video, article or app install may appear. This ads has a very good click through rate compared to other social media platforms, the beauty of snap ads is blending with the story, the user might not even notice it’s a sponsored content.

Geofilters: If you are planning for an event, this is an amazing advertising option because people who visit the event would get your event filter through geofilters, the more people take snaps the more your product reaches new people who aren’t event present at your event. The ad is applied to a specific location and when people visit the location they can access the filter – like a concert or festival.

Ads Cost:

Snapchat adverts usually cost on CPM model, the cost may vary depending on the ads format and targeting.
Snapchat video ads may cost you around $3000 per month.
Snapchat’s sponsored lenses cost varies from day to day
$450,000/day Sunday-Thursday
$500,000/day Friday and Saturday
$700,000/day on events
$50,000/day for discovery ads

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