SMO tips and Techniques 2022

In America, It is believed that 9 in every 10 Americans are user of internet. An in these 9 ate least 7 people use social media sites to get connected to the people, So these days social media is not just to get connected but it is used to get business, If you do your social media campaign in effective ways then you can get potential customers for your business.   Many people have established their business with the help of social media.

Some major social media sites are as follows:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Google plus
  4. Instagram
  5. Whatsapp
  6. Pintrest
  7. Stumbleup
  8. Linkedin
  9. Youtube
  10. Tumblr

Every social media is known for different type of content and strategies. Facebook is used to share images, videos and text. You can share these things on your personal profile or you can share on business pages. You also can use Facebook groups to share your stuffs. You also can set PPC camping for your Facebook page to get good social media signal. With twitter you cannot make long posts, you need to make short post, if you have very long text then convert it into image form and share the image. It is believed that on social media women are more active than men. The percentage of men and women is equal on twitter and linkedIn but on Facebook and Instagram the % of women is more than men.

smo on twitter

1) If you own more than one accounts then. Don’t post duplicate content on other multiple accounts but make some changes after that do, If you post duplicate then your account could be suspended.
2) Don’t post same content on your single twitter account, this is violation of twitter guidelines, your account could be suspended if you do so.
For more information visit:

smo on facebook

smo on instagram

smo on tumblr

smo on pinterest

When you are going to make a post on social media then you should make post at the time when your audiences are online and active on social media. You should make your post with impressive content to attract your customers on social media.

YouTube is generally used to share videos.

Linked is perfect to set profession profile and interact with professionals.

You should fill your profile with immersive information and use good DP(display picture) and cover image for your every social media profile to get good impressions.

Some points that you keep remember when you are on social media:

  1. Stay humble on social media and don’t share such contents that hurt others, Know that you have to build good relationship on web by using social media.
  2. Share impressive and engaging content with your audience
  3. Try to increase your contacts and followers on social media
  4. Create real profile and page and be real, don’t do social campaign with fake profile or fake page.
  5.  Do tagging with your friends but don’t be excessive. and don’t tag those who dislike to get tagged.
  6. Try to get like, shares, re-tweets and views
  7. Build friendship with those who engage with your posts, reward them if possible by giveaway scheme.
  8. Respond received messages and comments with wisdom and in positive way.
  9. Try to know are audience for your business and target them on social media.

Social media optimization techniques: SMO is a method in which we use social media sites, social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, forums and web 2.0 properties to promote our brand or services. For example some some social media sites are like twitter, Facebook, Google plus, instagram etc
With social Media optimization we get following benefits.

1) Social media optimization improve link popularity

2) Somo is used to get referral visits

3) Smo helps us to make viral our content on the web

1. Social Network Creation (Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Google+, Pinterest)
2. Profile creation in social media sites and it Maintenance by doing things link sharing content on your status and interacting with the people.
3. Taking part in Discussion board like forum, Quora, Yahoo questions and Aanswers etc
4. Sharing of images in image sharing websites like instagram, pintrest etc
5. Video sharing in video submission sites like YouTube
6. Social bookmarks submission in social bookmarking sites like reedit
7. Creating blogs in blogging sites and sharing content there.
8. using SMO tools to make social media activities easy

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