SEO Guide 2022

Note that SEO is process that takes time but not a magic so you need to do the things step by step by taking care of Google webmaster guidelines and have patience to see the fruitful results.

If your website is not ranking well in organic search results of Google then you should not become hopeless but you need to learn what Google likes and what Google dislikes, You need avoid the things that Google dislikes and implement the things which Google likes. Keep in mind that Google will never likes the things that users don’t likes so you also need to focus what visitors like to see on your website.

Note that when it comes Organic SEO, then quality matters but not quantity. If you have been using SEO services from any provider then you should focus on receiving quality services but not quantity, If provider just focusing on quantity but not quality then this could be very dangerous for your website, Because Google is very strict these days, and it doesn’t tolerate to anyone who does acts on spam on the web, If you are doing spamming on web or using unethical way to promote your blog or website then your hope of getting good results will be
ended by getting a penalty from Google for your website, and it will become very hard for your website to get well ranked in organic search results, so use services of those who provide you quality services but not who send you tons of done seo stuffs by using spamming strategies without taking care of Google guidelines .

Here I am going to mention some points, hope my points will help you in fixing SEO problems of your website.

1) Google hates paid links so, don’t buy links for your website to increase link popularity, but you need to build natural links.

2) Don’t do excessive reciprocal link building, try to build one way links

3) Don’t use duplicate content on your website

4) Using heading tags in ethical way is useful, Don’t overuse heading tags h1, h2, h3

5) Keep cleaning broken links; Make sure that your website have no broken links.

6) Don’t get links from different language sites but get links from the only sites that are using the same language your website uses.

7) Don’t do keyword stuffing, keyword stuffing comes under black hat SEO and Google penalizes the websites that use black hate SEO.

8) Don’t use Sitewide footer links to manipulate Google.

9) Try to have .xml sitemap and submit it into Google webmaster tools. xml sitemap helps Google in indexing the web pages and images.

10) Don’t use hidden links at your website nor get links for  your website on sites of others in hidden form.

11) Don’t use scarped content for your website, Know that Content is King so use only high quality content for your website.

12) Don’t use hidden text at your website to manipulate Google. You should not use hidden text at your website for any purpose.

13) Don’t overuse anchor at your website pages, Try not to exceed 100 on any page.

14) Don’t Neglect hreflang tag. hreflang tag tells to Google the language of content at your website.

15) Avoid having bad host, If you are using shared hosting then avoid bad neighbourhood.

16) You can use have your targeted keyword in your domain name but don’t overuse same keyword again and again in unethical way to manipulate Google. try to make your domain name short as much as possible.

17) Don’t  use rented  links to boost link popularity of your website. You need to boost link popularity of your website in ethical way.

18) Don’t manipulate Google by Using PBN (private blog network) for link building but put efforts to build natural and ethical links to get quality link juice.

19) Don’t use affiliate links in high numbers, Google allows you to use affiliate links so that you could make some money but when you become excessive in this then Google considers such behavior as act of violation of Google guidelines and Google penalizes such websites.

20) Don’t use Site-wide links in unethical way to manipulate Google.

21) Don’t overuse same keyword in meta description title and meta keyword. Although Google doesn’t read meta keyword but still many other search engines read it.

21) Optimize code, database and images of your website to make your website fast,  don’t let your website to be slow, try to get a fast hosting server, If your budget allows then use VPS or dedicated servers and avoid shared hosting. bad neighbourhood crates problem in shared hosting. Don’t use so heavy images, resize the heavy images as many image resize tools are available on the web.

22) Don’t use spun content for your website, Google consider spam to spun content and penalizes such websites that uses spun content.

23) Don’t do spamming on web by commenting on blogs of others, Nor approve spam comments on your website. You can comment on relevant blogs but with meaningful content and in ethical ways.

24) Never  use  black hat SEO technique to manipulate Google.

25) keep your site safe from hackers by taking care of security of your website, If your website gets hacked, and hackers put malicious code in code of your website then Google could penalize your website.

26) Don’t do speedy link building follow ethical process in link building.

27) Don’t do spam on the web, people could report your website as Spam by using Spam report form of Google

23) If you own a forum  then make no follow to links of others and keep deleting the threads and reply that looks like spamming. Don’t give space in your forum to the users who are engaged in spamming, delete or block such users instantly and keep safe your forum from spammers.

24) Google allows you to use sponsored links but don’t try to hide such links nor be excessive to use of such links.

25) Use very carefully to Robots.txt and don’t excessive in blocking.

26) Don’t get links from the sites that are involved in suspicious acts in unethical ways, Strictly avoid gaining links from hacking, adult, malware related websites. don’t give links to those websites that are penalized by Google or any search engine nor get links on such websites.

27) Try to use direct landing pages for different things, take care of relevancy and  don’t use everything on a single page.

28) Don’t manipulate search engines by using advertorial content.

29) Don’t try to have too many OBL (outbound Links).

30) Use 301 redirection and avoid 302. 301 runs on server side so it is SEO friendly.

31) Don’t use duplicate meta content for your web pages.

32) Don’t use Malicious backlinks, if you  are having then block such links by Disavow Links Tool of Google.

33) Keep your website responsive. Your website should work well on desktop, mobile and tablet.

34) Check browser compatibility of your website,  Your website should open properly on all major browsers.

34) Don’t buy a domain that has already been penalized, or  got bad reputation on the web. Review domain before you buy it.

35) Don’t steal  content of others, If some one stolen yours then report it to Google by this link

36) Don’t use ads of bad ad networks that send bad ads and irritate your visitors. Strictly avoid pop-under and sneaky types of ads.

37) Avoid link farm, Don’t put your links where bad links are placed or there are too much OBL links placed.

38) Don’t use low quality content but is quality content, in seo content is King so avoid content farm.

39) SEO  takes time so don’t use black hate for quick fixes, but go ahead with SEO process.

40) Don’t overlook social signals but pay attention on it

41) Don’t overlook meta data and title but pay attention on it and put good Meta content and title.

42) Fix image downloading issues: If you are having too much images on single face then you may face downloading issue for this page. Youe page will be to much slow in downloading. To overcome this issue, People mainly use anyone of the following strategies:
a) Some people Resize their images, They make size of every image around 6 to 15 KB
There are many image resizer tools available for free. For example

b) Some other create new pages to add more images and link the created new pages at the bottom of the main page by putting button next 1, 2, 3 .. at bottom. One drawback of this is that if you don’t make unique Meta content of every page then it could harm your rankings. If you do things professionally then it is will work perfectly. This will help you to reduce bounce rate as well.

c) Some use AJAX code to stop loading all the images at the same time, They set loading of first page images of the document by default, Once user scrolls down then 2nd page of the same document will get loaded, now when user further scrolls down then 3rd page is laded of the same document, …………… end of the page of document, This future. They also optimize database and scripts to to make loading faster. Although optimization of databases and scripts should be done in every case.

43) Track behaviors of the users and take care of your visitors:

behavior flow analysis

visitors analysis

Real time visitors tracking and analysis

If your website is not having enough pages with quality content then in such cases bounce rate of your website will too much high because when visitors visit a website then Google studies behavior of the visitors. If visitors leave website without visiting any other page(s) then Bounce rate is 100% that is very harmful for ranking. High bounce rate is harmful for rankings. Google wants that visitors to visit any other page (s) as well and it expect that visitors should stand on the site for some time. If visitor leaves site instantly without visiting any other page then Google get flag information that site was not of interesting for the visitor so Google drops the rankings for such sites.

69% bounce rate is satisfactory but more than this is harmful and action is need in such cases.

Google is always in effort of to display quality and unique information in its organic search results so we need to take care of the requirements of Google so that they could take care requirements of ours.

We can decrease bounce rate by putting more pages with quality content and by improving navigation link structure.

When it comes, SEO then content is King. So we need to use unique and quality content.

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