10 Efficient Link Building Techniques for a Flourishing Business

To make your website rank higher with organic keyword search, you need link building. Get strong back links and site mentions in relevant places. At the same time, you need to make sure that the popularity and mentions are not just quantitatively high, but also qualitatively.

So you need to create a positive relationship with the websites you put your back links on. The technique if used efficiently by any digital marketing company would help in getting the desired results in terms of website ranking.

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Right way to get back links

Backlinko and Search Metrics have both established back in 2016 that have a huge number of back links which is crucial for page authority and high ranking. But the reports also revealed that the back links are of no good if they are spammed on forums. There have to be relevant content at necessary places, spread out all over the internet.

Back links let Google evaluate the relevance and popularity of the posts shared by a website, and thereby judges its authority. This directly influences search ranking.

The Basic principles

Here are some tips to make solid link building strategies through which you can guarantee a positive impression in every place you are mentioned. These ideas are the foundation of building organic links. You can never go wrong with these principles.

1] Implement Guest Blogging

Guest blogging does way more than guaranteeing positive back links and mentions. It builds connections and establishes you as a thought leader. You need to make sure that you put up your guest blogs on the elite websites.

The websites with high authority will fetch links back to your website. Do not waste time write guest blogs for websites that aren’t way more popular than your own.

2] Mention Top Influencers to Increase Shares

When you mention some thought leaders in your back link content, they are likely to share it. Make sure the content where you mention important people, is of high quality and looks professionally appropriate. The recognition they gain out of it is their prize for sharing the post and also helps in accessing more link opportunities.

3] Use High quality Info graphics

Everybody knows visual content draws more attention than plain text. If you can add an element of humour, the content will be shared by the general public everywhere on social media. Providing engaging content at a glance will bring a lot of those people viewing the infographic, back to your website.

Use Vengage or Fiverr, whatever suits your boat. Just make sure all your new content has tasteful info graphics. Remodel some of the old content by adding info graphics to it. This will not only increase traffic, but will also fetch links.

4] Scan for Broken Links

This is one of those old link building techniques used by companies providing SEO services that are still in vogue. Some think it is too aggressive a method. But if you pitch it right, you take the best out of it. Use tools like Check my Link to find broken links on popular influencer blogs. Approach the owner via email, compliment them on their blog. Then propose to replace the broken link with one of your links perfectly relevant to the matter.

5] Create Engaging Content without Click bait

Click bait was a fad. We were all waiting for that phase to get over. Now that they are no more that much of a thing, we are all relieved. But the objective of click bait was to make you click. That wasn’t even enough.

The content needs to be engaging:

  • High readability score
  • High relevance of content with your back links
  • Content in a candid list format
  • Helpful tips

Content in this form is counted as reliable and quality content that people will share and not mind linking with.

6] Use Back Linking Tools

Use the Common Back Link Tool (CBLT) to find out which back links your competitors have in common. Get yourself a piece as well. Use the Link Juice Thief (LJT) to find the common authority sites your competitors use for linking and establish an indirect linking.

Both the CBLT and LJT tools work in a similar fashion. They both reveal the competitor’s link building strategies and sources to you.

Use Google Alerts to stay updated about every mention and turn them into back links as soon as you can.

7] Find worthy Directories for your Website

Free and useless online directories can bring down the value of a website. But the reputed directories that give information on potential customers, and solidifies your reputation, are places you should list your website on. List your business on the relevant niche directories to get indexed in all the important search engines.

8] Maintain your Own Blog

You absolutely need to have your personal blog active and the back links to its various web pages need to come in different forms.

The content needs to be relevant, updated, crisp, and engaging. Also, the content on your blog should be helpful to your target viewers.

9] Write testimonials

One sure shot way of link building is writing product or service reviews. Give positive feedback and get mentioned or back linked in their website. Make sure the products are not exactly the same but relevant to what you have to offer. The target demographic that gets directed towards your link will be an already interested bunch.

10] Don’t be desperate

You need to try hard enough to get all your link building strategies to work but you cannot look like you are trying hard.

  • You cannot let your reciprocal link building technique look forced. It has to be relevant from the viewer’s point of view.
  • Let keywords look naturally fitting and not forced in.
  • Linking your website to every web directory that exists will compromise your ranking. Go for niche directories only.
  • Never buy links. That is in violation of Google’s guidelines. Build connections, create quality content. There is no short cut to link building techniques.

So, from the above you must have understood how much significant link building is for the website ranking and is not an easy job to earn quality backlinks. Your link building efforts can only be successful if done in the most appropriate and smart way.

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