2 Best iOS Emulators to Run iOS on Android

Android Emulators or an Emulator is a platform which emulated the similar environment. When it comes to iOS emulator for the android device then you probably have an idea for now that it gives an Android platform such ability to run iOS on Android. Running iOS on Android device includes all the features and functionality which you used to have on your iOS device and will be available on the iOS emulator as well.

ios emulator

The term Android iOS emulator is such a trend keyword on the internet, due to a lot of iOS features that Android user want to experience which they can have on their Android device for obvious. However, if they have iOS emulator installed on their Android device, then they probably can use various iOS applications and the entire environment of an iPhone. Apart from general iOS terms, there are also some gamers who want to play variety of iOS game, but lot of popular games such as Alto’s Odyssey, Airmail, Astropad Standard, Enlight, Deliveries and many other iOS games which they can’t find of Android are also a thing which leads to search gamers for iOS emulators, so they can enjoy playing iOS games on Android.

SO, here are 2 Best Android emulators to Run iOS on android :

  1. CIDER Apk

Cider Apk is one of the best iOS emulator which you can use in your android device. Using Cider Apk running iOS apps on your android device will be very easy for you. It is an open source iOS emulator. Initially cider has started as a project which was only for limited use with less features. Lately it has started gaining popularity and become very popular so people are now using it often and has more features and functionality than the previous versions of it. Using Cider Apk is very easy its similar to install other apk applications, once installed properly, you are good to go.

  1. iEMU APK

Similar to cider apk, here comes another coolest iOS emulator for you. iEMU is also open source application, so there is no need to pay a single penny to download it.

According to our collected information, most of the times you will find out that, they need root access, however in some Samsung devices, you may need to root the device. When it comes to privacy though, iEMU doesn’t harm your device anyhow so there is no need to worry about. However, if you still want to make a layer of security, then probably you need to download any antivirus software which should work fine for you and will make sure to keep your personal data safe and prevent from theft. Here is the least requirement which you need to run iEMU on your Android device. If your phone doesn’t have these basic capabilities, then do not proceed with the installation process, otherwise you may find lots of issue while you try running this iOS emulator.

Minimum Requirement for IEMU apk,

  • Minimum 512 MB Or maximum (The more ram you will have, the more it will run smooth, tested with 1GB and working excellent on that).
  • 70MB of minimum storage space.
  • Should be atleast Android version v2.3 Gingerbread or other latest versions.


There are few other Android iOS emulators available as well, but you will not going to find them as good as the above given two. Also, most of the times other Emulators will charge you to use them but since iEMU and Cider are open source, so they will be perfectly free for you.

The main thing to worry about whenever you are about to download any open source apk is that, there are lot of sites out there which will provide you the download link so you should always aware of downloading malware of malicious files.

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