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Your Android phone will get pathetically slow with time. Gradually, it won’t let you play games without lags or make calls without freezing issues. And when this happens, ITL Phone Cleaner is an app (Top Rated and Proven) that will help you out to a large extent. It happens to be one of the top recommended phone cleaner and Phone Booster app for your slow performing Android phone.

First things first, it is available for free download on the Google Play Store and you do not have to be a techno savvy to get familiar with the app functionalities. With ITL Phone Cleaner you can easily clean your freezing smartphone to improve its speed and performance.

In this post, we shall provide you an in-depth review (features and our experience) of ITL Phone Cleaner and why we have mentioned it as the Best Junk Cleaner & Phone Booster app available in the Play Store.

What is ITL Junk  Cleaner and Phone Booster?

ITL Phone Cleaner is a booster and optimizer app that you can download for your Android smartphone. Designed with advanced monitoring technique, the application focuses on overall performance of your device – be in removing junk files, cache files or unnecessary data, extending battery life, maintaining CPU temperature, or scanning suspicious files for viruses and other potential threats.

ITL Phone Cleaner is capable of freeing up memory space and optimizing all those sneaky apps running on the background with just a single tap. It is an app used by thousands of users. Its great performance speaks for its high level of authenticity in itself.

Let’s dig dipper.

What are the highlights of ITL Phone Cleaner App?

Here are the major features that the application has to offer.

Junk Cleaning

Unattended junk files are the main cause of abruptly slowing down of your overall device. This feature is actually able to analyze and scan cache data, obsolete APK files, temporary files, empty folders that has been taking up your storage space.

Tapping on Junk Cleaner module on the home page of the application will scan and display a list of junk files that requires cleaning. Now tap on Clean Junk button to instantly free up memory space. This is one of the best junk cleaner features that actually work miracles on your device.

Phone Boosting

If you are not being able to multitask on your Android phone or your device has started to slow down abruptly, it means your device RAM is heavily loaded and requires instant clean up.

With ITL Phone Cleaner, you get a one tap boost option. Considered as one of the major features of the app, it detects all heavy unwanted apps running on the background and deletes them. This frees up high volume of RAM space leading to accelerated Android performance.

Social Cleaning

Your phone must be probably filled with hundreds of files (photos, audio, video and other) received through various social media platforms. Majority of these files require cleaning.

When it comes to active social media cleaning, ITL Phone Cleaner is a useful utility that will do the trick for you. You can easily scan your social media apps and get a list of files that needs to be cleaned. The best part about this feature is you can tap on any category and mark multiple files in one go.

Battery Saving

Won’t it be a life saver if you are able to extend your battery life without having to plug in a charger for a few extra hours? The battery saver module in particular is a smart feature of this Android optimizer. You can literally see the app generating results instantly.

Create your own battery profile and enjoy extended battery life in no time. The application also displays the remaining battery life, battery capacity, temperature and usage time left.

Duplicate Photos Cleaning

Finding duplicate photos and deleting them is a tough task – not when you have ITL Phone Cleaner downloaded on your phone. It has a fully-fledged interface for managing and deleting duplicate photos unnecessarily cluttering your RAM space.

You do not have to delete them one by one. Simply choose the type of scan or customize the matching level or mark them according to location and get those pictures sorted without wasting much time.

Antivirus for Android

ITL Phone Cleaner lightens the load on your device space. You do not need a separate antivirus for android if you have this one installed. The junk cleaner also comes with an in-built virus scanner that aptly detects malware infections and other malicious apps.

The application offers real-time protection by fixing all threats instantly thus protecting your data from unauthorized use. However, you need to pay a small price and have yourself upgraded to the pro-version.

Game Boosting

ITL Phone Cleaner also lets you enjoy the best gaming experience in a single tap. Its game booster feature scans and detects the games you have installed on your device and boosts them appropriately.

Furthermore, it will terminate all heavy background processes so that you are able to enjoy freeze-free gaming sessions.

CPU Cooling and App Managing

We have reviewed them both and they are equally awesome. While CPU cooler will keep your phone from frequently overheating, App manager will help you take care of the apps installed on your device and have it analyzed and deleted without much fuss.

Download Junk Cleaner & Phone Booster for Free

With ITL Phone Cleaner, we had noticed a visible change in the performance and speed of our Android device. Talking of features, we are pretty much impressed with everything that it offers. Special mention to the Speed Booster and Junk Cleaner module. In addition to its basic features, you can even get some control on Data, Wi-Fi, unwanted application and CPU temperature.

The application is smooth with an intuitive UI for all users alike. You get a pretty organized home page from which you can navigate through all the features of the app without much effort.

ITL Phone Cleaner is without any doubt the best Phone Booster and junk cleaner app available on the Play Store today. You won’t regret downloading the app. Get it for free today!

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