Cloudways Review 2018

If you are looking for cloud hosting from Digital Ocean or Linode or VULTR or amazon web services Google Cloud platform but you don’t know how to manage a server in such a case Cloudways could be a perfect place for you because they provide managed cloud hosting as a partner of Digital Ocean, Linode, VULTR , amazon web services and Google Cloud platform.

If you choose Cloudways then you would have no worry to manage a server they will manage your server, even they also can migrate your website for free if your site is hosted somewhere.
I know many would have been having doubt in their services because they have never used services of cloudways, in such case you can sign a free trial, just use free trial services, if you are satisfied with their services then successful buy their services, if you are not satisfied with their services then just leave them .

Really Cloudways donot have their own servers, They buy space from other cloud hosting providers like Digital Ocean, After that they resell it to their customers in the form of managed cloud hosting.

cloudways review

You can think of Cloudways platform as a management and automation layer on top of DigitalOcean. They provide very optimized deployments of popular applications that Digital Ocean doesn’t do, they provide tight security and server patching that DigitalOcean doesn’t do, we provide options to generate SSL certificates, restart services, collaborate with teams … that DigitalOcean doesn’t do.

Cloudways doesn’t provide c-panel, Their account Interface works just like c-panel, you can easily do the things what you do with c-panel.

cloud providers to cloudways

Besides, you don’t need to have two separate accounts. They provide both the platform and the servers on top of DigitalOcean, so you get everything under one roof.

cloudways support review

They provide phone support, live chat support and with ticket. Their support is for 24/7

If you use hosting of Digital ocean then you will get self-managed hosting they will provide no help to manage your server, they provide support only when your server is not responding or you are facing any kind of issue to connect the console while with Cloudways you will get fully managed hosting, You need to take care of your content of website and they will take care of your hosting.

Currently they have 6 Cloud Providers with 42 data-centers globally. You can start managed cloud hosting with them @ 10 USD/Month. Their cloud hosting is good for growing business. You will get there free SSL and real-time monitoring of your server. You can host unlimited site at any account. There you can get automatic backup.

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