Most common reasons of data loss in 2018

Most common reasons of data loss in 2018:

Losing data has become a common trend of the modern century where there seems to be no permanent solution to such problem. It may occur either through internal or external reasons but in both conditions, it is the user who suffers the most.

causes of data loss

Some of the reasons are stated below:

Hard drive crash:

At many occasions, we find ourselves quite helpless against the hardware malfunctions occurring in the hard drive. These devices are considered the most delicate/sensitive parts of your system where a record 140 thousand drives die or crash every week. In majority cases, it happens due to the mechanical problems and minority cases emerge due to the human negligence, mishandling, improper care etc. even if your system overheats without your knowledge, it can destroy your drive along with the data stored in it. Overheating takes place due to dust particles compiled inside your system or it may even occur due to the overuse of your computer. However, Dropbox can decrease such damage through the auto syncing feature where data would be automatically backed up while you work on other important tasks. That way you save time, effort as well as the data.

Power outrages:

When your system turns off accidentally due to power outage, low voltage, wire disconnection etc. it can result in some serious data loss if not saved. For example, you might be working on a project or an assignment which you are about to save but haven’t saved as of yet. While working, you experience a rare power outrage resulting in your system shutting down all by itself. Next thing you know, you’ve lost your data all within seconds and there was nothing you could do. Also, if a PC shuts down while it was writing or uploading the data to the drive, there is a chance for it to never start up again. These power problems can not only result in data losses but can also promote corruption of many other files and extensions. But in such case, secure backup can prove to a reliable solution where data if backed up can be recovered later.

Triggering a ransomware attack:

Ransomware attacks are nothing but a trouble for any user as it takes away your data from you, asks you to pay the ransom amount and even then there is no guarantee that you would be able to recover your data. In most cases, these attacks emerge from emails that aren’t ordinary mails but phishing emails which once clicked leads you in a terrible situation. Either avoid clicking or opening the suspicious emails or simply encrypt your device to avoid such threats.

The liquid damage:

No matter how mature you’ve become or how tech savvy you are, there is always a chance for you to make a mistake. For instance, drinking coffee/tea goes hand in hand on work stations. Some people can’t even open their systems without sipping on their morning refreshments. A thousand of cases have emerged in corporate offices where data losses have occurred only because of the liquid spilled accidentally on the laptops and computers. Since these drinks are acidic, it can corrode the inners of your system if not cleaned properly or in time. Keeping such liquid or any other liquid away from your workstations or desks seems to be a fine solution to such a problem or better yet, take a break while having your drink and stay away from your system just for a while.

Points to grab:

In most cases, data breaches occur without your attention and as a victim, you realize later on there is nothing you could do about it. Hence, data losses when occurred makes the life of any easier a living hell. Therefore, as a solution, you could prevent such losses by using several of data protection techniques like utter encryption, cloud backup, minimum clicking on the suspicious emails and more.

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