How Technology is Affecting Our Physical and Mental Health

We need to accept the fact that technology is here to stay with us. Technology has really changed and influenced various aspects of our life which has many consequences for our health.

As much as we advocate by embracing the modern technology, it has influenced the human habits and the way people relate to each other. The various changes that have been brought by this technology have their disadvantages and at the same time some a advantages. The fact is that, this technology dictates and influences much the human wellbeing and at the same time their health.  Various mental and physical effects have resulted due to the use of technology. Some of these effects have proven to be permanent while others are transient in nature. Many people have become hyper connected with the technology due to the constant interaction with this technology.

For instance, on the positive side of technology, it has helped much in the teaching and learning process. Besides, people with various disabilities have benefited a lot through the use of technology. Furthermore, the daily activities that are carried out on daily basis by the human beings have been simplified through technology. The article looks at the various physical and mental effects of technology. Despite all these benefits that one gets through the use of technology, it has also resulted to negative virtues. For instance, the frequent use of technology has promoted laziness among people and resulted to various mental and physical effects.

Physical Effects

According to the scientific research and expert assignment help online, it confirms that technology has put the human life at risk. Most of the lifestyles of most individuals is becoming sedentary. Besides, technology may cause some seeping difficulties, some straining to see, text thumb, hearing problems among many other problems.

1. Sedentary Lifestyles:

As far as. technology is deemed to make human lives more comfortably, it may result to lifestyles that are sedentary. Individuals who spend most of their time using technology all day are said to be at the greatest risk. For instance, the findings from the various researches indicates that one is likely to die at a tender age if he uses much of his time watching a television or playing a video game. To balance and counter the technology effects one is advised to carry out physical activities such as swimming, jogging, running or paying volleyball.

2. Sleeping Difficulties:

It has been established that prolonged transmission and exposure to a blue light wavelength can make one to strain his or her eyes and at the same time cause fatigue. This may interfere with one’s pattern of sleeping. For instance, according to the report released it confirms that prolonged release of the blue light wavelength can destroy the melatonin hormone which is responsible for making one alert and also in the promotion of sleep.  Besides, the blue light wavelength is believed to decrease the REM (rapid eye movement) a form of sleep that is associated with dreams. Rem assists in consolidating the memory and also aiding the transmissions between the neural networks that is found in the brains.

3. Hearing Difficulties:

The youth population is deemed to be at the greatest risk in losing their hearing abilities due to the frequent use of headphones when using audio devices. According to the studies, over 50% of the youth population are at the verge of losing their hearing abilities due to the usage of personal audio devices.

Mental Health Effects:

The attention span of an individual is deemed to be shortened by the frequent use of technology. On the other hand, technology has contributed a lot in increasing narcissism and anxiety. The solitary time has also been lessened and the emotional intelligence capacity has been reduced.

1. Emotional Instability:

The way a person behaves and feels currently is said to be tightly tied to various sites of social media. Some of the postings in the social sites are positive where people express their happiness and emotions. According t the studies carried out, it suggests that prolonged exposure to posts that are positive in nature may result to reduced we being and envy in other people.

2. Loss Of Solitary Time:

Technology has denied most of the people their solitary time. Instead of the individuals taking their private time to reflect and create new things, they engage in social media. The solitary time is essential when it comes to strengthening inner selves.

3. Changes In The Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional intelligence can be reduced due to prolonged use of technology. The levels of empathy have been witnessed decreasing to 40% among the university students. This means that the emotional intelligence among people is decreasing due to the rampant use of technology.

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