Adversal review

Adversal is an Ad network, They provide different types of Ads like Baner ads, pop-under ectc.
They have been in the market since 2003, Rates of Adversal is different, If you are getting visitors from Tier -1 Countries like USA, canda then you will get higher rates for YOUR CPM and CPC, Their rates for asain countries is less in comparison to European countries. Adversal a also have facility for pop-under ads to not be blocked, you can chose this by just using their code, so that your no ad gets blocked and you make money for your all the impressions.
They also offer geo reporting system, means you can discover from where the visitors are coming, You can use their analytics report to optimize your website as well

They have satisfactory eCPM rates.
Minimum Payout: Minimum Payout of Adversal is is 20 USD
1) They demand some traffic from USA, Canda geos. If you have no users for your website from such geos then your application could be declined. If you have around 20% visitrs from these countries then most probably your account will be approved.
2) They need at least 50,000 impressions/month to approve your account
3) You should have not getting views by bots
4) You should have not been gendering fake impression for your website.
5) Your website should not hosting malware, virus nor any type of malicious code.
6) Your site should be in English language
7) Your website must be at least 30 days old, and it should not be under construction
8) Your website should have original content
Once your account is approved, you can display their ads by using their code.

Your name, website name, your country, address, phone number, email address, desired user name, prefer ed payment method (May Me By) etc but they don’t ask for password, really they send it later. Once your account is approved then you get a code from them by using the received verification code you have to verify the ownership of your website/blog. Once the verification is done, then you receive password from them.

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