Google Adsense Alternatives 2022

These days making money online has become a trends, when it comes methods of making money online then you cannot overlook blogging, When people start blogging then most of them already have decided to make money with blogging, People do affiliate marketing with the help of their blog or they use ads of ad networks.
When it comes ad networks, the you cannot overlook AdSense, no one can pay as good rate as AdSense pays to their publishers, But these days getting approval for website to use has become a difficult task because these days Google AdSense is very sticks and it doesn’t approve the sites that violate Google webmaster guidelines, Even for some countries Google requires that your website must be at least 6 years old.

I see many blogger start blogging with the hope of making money with AdSense, they try again and again to get approval for their blog but despite of a lot of try they fail to get a approved AdSense account in such cases many become just disappointed but also hopeless and leave blogging because they have to pay domain renewal and web hosting cost from their own pocket as they fail to monetize traffic of their website, But I am here to encourage and motivate you, I tell you if AdSense account is not approved for your website then you have still hopes, although no one can pay as better Google AdSense pays but nothing is better than something, I will tell you some networks that are working as a AdSense alternative

Leading native ads providers Taboola, Outbrain and Revcontent are really good alternative for AdSense, But a general blogger who get low volume of traffic like 1 thousands to 10 thousands cannot join these ad networks because you even cannot think to join these ad networks, if your website don’t get more than ten thousands unique visitors /day.

Majority of bloggers get traffic for their websites 100 to 10,000 in such cases they fail to join Revcontent, Taboola and Outbrain so I am here suggesting some ad networks that don’t set any tough criteria for traffic nor they are not very strict on quality of content so you can easily join them. is a impression based adnetwork. is a good Adsene alternative but you need to get traffic from USA and Canada to get satisfactory CPM rates , If you have good content on your website and you get at least 10-15% visitors from USA and Canda then hopefully your account will be approved.
Minimum payout of is 100 USD.

Infolinks: If you have content based website with good content then you can easily get approved to use ads of infolinks, they don’t require any traffic but their rate changes on the basis of geos, You will get good rates for clicks arriving from European countries but their rate for Asian countries is very low.
Minimum payoutr of inoflinks 1 50 USD

Adnow: Adnow is native ads provider, the approval process of Adnow is very easy, majority of sites are approved from adnow, what is negative point with adnow, their ad quality is not good.

Minimum payout of Adnow is 20USD
MGID: MGID is a Native Advertising network, they require 3 thousands users on daily basis to approve a website, you should not wait to reach 3 thousands users/day, if you have quality visitors and alexa below one millions in such cases as well they approve a website.

Minimum payout of MGID is 100USD is a native ad Network; it doesn’t require any fixed traffic. But they rates is very low for Asian countries. their minimum payout is 50 usd.
Adversal: Adversal requires 50,000 views/Month

Minimum payout of Adversal is 20 USD
Chtika: It doesnot require any traffic, but you should have quality traffic to monetize your website, because if quality of traffic is not good then no bidder chooses your website to display their ads.

There are many Adnetworks that provide Pop-under ads, their rates good but really they irritate the visitors, even website of many bloggers got penalized by Google just because of Using such ads So I donot recommend such ads to use.

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