Top Video Editing Tools to Try in 2019

The buzz created by video production seems to lit fire across many platforms and have influenced digital marketing in many ways. Whether interactive content was considered to enhance the revenue generation, video production has doubled the scope of doing business online. According to WordStream, a fast increase of 49% is seen in the success of businesses who preferred using video as their ultimate marketing tool. Moreover, when talking about social media platforms, more than 1200% videos are shared as compared to the static text or images.

The business video production has branched out into many different types. From interesting vlogs to trendy animated videos to appealing information video creation. Now every new product line is demonstrated with a video to capture the attention of the target audience. Where animators are all involved in creating a video that delivers thousands of messages while attracting a huge percentage of customers, the marketers are producing captivating GIFs that gets instantly shared across platforms.

If you want to take a leap to success by producing an enchanting video, take a look at the long list of video making tools and software which you need to have in 2019.


Animaker is one of the most professional tools for making incredible videos for brands and businesses. Whether you plan on making an explainer video or a 2D/3D video, you just have to pop into the platform and create successful videos. The interface is sleek and its functionality seamless. You just have to drag and drop the features and icons to complete your video. The best part of the tool is that it helps novices and assist professionals as well. It has tutorials to instruct young animators while advanced tools to assist experts in adding details in their work.


Animoto is your best escape to ease and convenience in making a brilliant video. It can help you bring your ideas and imagination to live without much hassle. Animoto has a wide range of features along with over thousands of icons, templates and brushes that can assist you in making an efficient video in no time. From choosing characters to creating them from scratch, you can tailor your production according to your needs. It works well for various business types and helps creators to make incredible videos for their brands.


Stupeflix is a super professional video editing tool that assists animators and video makers to create incredible videos. The tools are easy to use and offer a wide range of video making features. It has a great range of brushes and tool along with editing tools to make compelling videos for brands. There is a huge range of buttons that can assist creators to make videos within a few seconds. You can add captivating backgrounds and elements to captivate the attention of viewers.


An absolutely free program that lets users indulge in the fascination of art without paying a penny. You can make fun filed social media videos for your brand and enjoy outbound success. You can control the speed of the elements and other video features, add different effects and can enhance the look with multiple filters. From enhancing color scheme to improvising the quality of the video.


iMovie is a fast and efficient tool for making videos. Tons of templates are there that assist beginners in generating quick turnaround time and boosting revenue generation. It is an ideal software that enables users with the transitions effects to making animation. You can create ultra-professional videos within minutes. It is most preferred for making quick culture videos.


Shotcut really gives you a shortcut to fame and success. The tool is equipped with a number of features and editing brushes. You can adjust the colors add audio and backgrounds in your videos. Exporting files and transferring images are easy to handle in this platform. You can improve the quality of your video and build compelling videos to capture the attention of customers on every social media platform. The tool provides easy to handle interface and its setting is simple to make as well. You can adjust everything according to your will and fascinate your viewers.


Magisto assist users in making beautiful videos by using different templates. There a lot of easy to edit templates in which you can adjust more fonts or add characters of our choice. You can do whatever you want to enhance its outlook. The videos created by Magisto are super professional and sleek. The best thing would be to choose an already created video and add images of your choice. It will save your time and will help you capture online visibility for your brand.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is a free app that serves to be one of the expert editing tools for the animators. Its sleek display motivated users to create amazing video clips to share them across the platforms to grow their business opportunities. You can be a bit more creative and enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the tool preferred by highly professional animators. It has a bundle of features and icons that can assist users in producing interesting videos for their brand’ success. The Adobe has premium subscription over which it opens up the avenues to explore creativity cross every limits and boundary.

Wrapping Up

The internet is flooded with a number of tools and software that can let you create incredible videos. The tools come up with easy-to-grasp tutorials that assist animators, video makers and artist to draw most out of the tools. You can refer to the list of tools listed above and pick the one you thig fit best on your needs.

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