Know what is Sneaky Redirects and how it destroys your Google Rankings

Sneaky redirection is sending a visitor a different URL than he/she found in organic search result of search engines by making search in search engine with any search term. Such types of redirection really mislead your visitors and they get irritated. We know Google is very strict and they don’t tolerate to those who violate Google guides, When a website is caught by Google for having Sneaky redirects then Google instantly removes that website from its index, even they don’t keep even a single page of the website that uses Sneaky redirects and website loses all the rankings.
If your website has got Google penalty for Sneaky redirects then you need not to worry but you need to clean the code to remove that redirect after that you need to send inclusion request to Google.
Really your website gest Sneaky redirects for manly two reasons.
1) Hackers inject malicious code of Sneaky redirects to get hits for their website, So you need clean code of your web pages if there are such malicious code injected by hackers.
2) May be you have join an unreliable Ad Network that sends something like Po-under ads on your website inform of Sneaky redirects.
So to fix this if you have been using ads of any network that sends po-under ads then you need to remove their code from your website to remove their Sneaky redirects ads after that send Reclusion request to Google.
To send reclusion request to Google you just need to login your Google Search Console (Google webmaster tools) account, If you don’t have Google Search Console account, Then you need to add your website in Google Search Consoleby using a Gmail id. You can get your Google webmaster tools account configured by adding Google verification code into your website.

sneaky redirects google penalty

Once you have ready your website tools account, you need to login it. Now click on your added website in Google Search Console, now click on search traffic option available in dashboard, there you will find option ‘Manual Actions.’ Now you need to click on Manual Actions. Now there you will find option to request a review. Now you need to click on Request a review, After clicking a dialogue box will open, now you need write there that you have cleaned your code and you have removed Sneaky redirects, and you will request there to Google team that now review your website and remove Google Penalty.

Once Re-inclusion request is submitted to Google team, it will be reviewed within 1-2 days and Google team finds that you have fixed the issue and now your site don’t violate Google guidelines then Manual Actions wil be removed by Google team.

The that is penalized by google it continuously loses the rankings and google analytics graphs goes down continually.

Graph of site penalized for using sneaky redirects

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