SEO Interview Questions

If you are looking for seo interview questions, then you are at right place. Here we have provided some seo interview questions with their answers, Please read and if you find any error or you have any recommendations then don’t forget to inform me by just leaving a comment or forwarding an email at the given email address at contact section.

What stand for SEO?
Ans: SEO stands for Search engine Optimization.
Question: Whats is the full form of SEM
Ans: Full form of SEM is Search Engine Marketing.
Question: tell me some blogs name that you regularly read?
Ans:,,, Search Engine Watch.
Question: Who is the owner of
Ans: Rand Fishkin, is the owner of
Question: what is your favorite forum name?
Ans: is my favorite forum name
Question: Does Google read Meta Keyword?
Ans: No, Google doesn’t read, Meta keyword.
Question: What are responsive website?
Ans: Responsive websites are the websites that are compatible on different devices like computer, mobile, Tablet, laptop etc.
Question: what do you know about Matt Cutts?
Ans: Matt Cutts is an American Engineer and He is former head of the web spam team at Google. During his time at Google, He was very active to provide help and updates to seo community.
Question: who is the owner of
Ans: Danny Sullivan is the owner of
Question: Who is your favorite SEO expert?
Ans: Rand Fishkin, is my favorite SEO Expert.

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