7 Key Reasons to Embrace Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of powerful Windows operating system from Microsoft. It has been revamped with high compatibility to personal computers, tablets, embedded devices and Internet of Things devices. Windows 10 comes with phenomenal features offering enhanced security, management, deployment, transition, performance and more. Microsoft has introduced these changes to redirect the enterprise adoption and removal of annoyances observed in using Windows 8 OS.

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Key Reasons to Embrace Windows 10

IT professionals embrace and favor Windows 10 over older versions of Windows and other operating systems. other, the key reasons that contribute to its popularity include:

  • Cross Platform Compatibility: Windows is known for its high-end compatibility with diverse devices and platforms. Earlier, the work was confined to the workstations, but with the exaggerated use of smartphones and mobile devices, the trend is moving towards digital workplaces. As every device has its own OS, Windows 8 initiated to unify these devices; but windows 10 accomplished it seamlessly. Windows 10 integrates and syncs photos, videos, and emails with cloud storage, that makes it easy for employees to access them on their mobile device from anywhere in the world.
  • Enhanced Security: Older Windows versions were not preferred due to less secure features, but Windows 10 comes with better and enhanced security capabilities. Windows 10 offers stronger file and disk encryption capabilities that ensure utmost security and protection. Accessing files is also restricted and requires a specific user account to open them in this version. Windows 10 embraces updated anti-malware and anti-phishing security apps and tools, making it more desirable.
  • New Mobile Device Management Options: As few organizations restrict using personal devices due to risks associated with BYOD, Windows 10 offers new device management options that help in creating separate apps for personal and professional use. This way professionals can create multiple desktops and make the most out of the enhanced device management capabilities.
  • Update Tracks: Deploying Windows10 is the perfect way to keep the enterprise updated. Microsoft offers alternate update tracks that let the organizations decide on the tracks to update the business machines. As required, the organizations can install critical security updates on some machines and allow the installation of complete updates on specific machines.
  • Easy Deployment: With Windows AutoPilot deployment cloud service, you can deploy Windows 10 devices with zero touch. It calls for scenario based deployment techniques allowing admins to identify and implement seamless deployment techniques effortlessly.
  • Better Browser: Windows 10 launched Microsoft Edge as the default browser offering richer browsing experience as it supports java-based extensions, resulting to provide an friendly user interface.
  • Improved Command Prompt: The command prompt in Windows 10 now comes with copy and paste capabilities, allowing you to use shortcuts in the command window and avoid typing errors. This eases out the tasks of system admins responsible for managing and troubleshooting the operating system manually.

 You can explore and gain hands-on exposure on windows 10 with extensive Microsoft Windows 10 training and certification courses offered by Microsoft authorized training partners. The certified instructors offering intensive certification mapped training instill the technical know-how to install, configure, and troubleshoot various OS components. Gaining the expertise over the system security, scalability, and the robust features that can accelerate your career and help you achieve your career goals.

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