7 Best Apps for iPhone Photography

Everyone is in a photography frenzy these days. Since the rise of social media, the “art” of picture taking has spread. Almost everyone is a self-proclaimed photographer these days.

What kind of an app do you use? Do you go with one-tap features or more creative effects? Depending upon your needs, there are hundreds of photography apps to choose from.

If you are an iPhone user we have got great news for you.

Here are the best photography apps that the site we recommends for your iPhone.


Snapseed is all-purpose photo editing app. It is one of the most celebrated apps on iTunes. It is not complicated and is very easy to use. But that doesn’t mean it lacks powerful features. Apart from standard tools such as color, exposure and cropping etc. You also get an advance editor from which you can remove any unwanted objects for the frame.


VSCO is renowned for its filters. Specially the filter that gives any photograph and video a classic film look is amazing and is very popular among iPhone users. If you are a fan of vintage affects VSCO is the perfect app for you.

You can fine tune the affects with a heavy editor that offers a lot of customization.

Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 has a very comprehensive set of photo-editing tools. Yet it is not to say that it is a very difficult app, everyone can use it, and it is clean and easy. It has advanced editing features that are available with very few apps, features such as curves and selective color. The color adjustment can be taken to a next level with Afterlight 2.


If you are a creative photographer and love your editing, Enlight is the perfect app for you. There are multiple artistic effects that stand unique in the app industry. For example, there is a mask tool that allows you to edit or apply effects to certain part of your images.

The app also offers traditional and less complicated editing features as well. The app is a power pack.


Specialization is a key element when measuring performance and it is fast disappearing with the growing trend of all-purpose items. There are many apps that allow you to removed sections from a photo that you don’t like. TouchRetouch has the sole purpose of achieving this task.

The only thing the app does is remove unwanted sections of your photos. You can well imagine how powerful this app must be since it focuses on one task only.


I thought it would be a grave injustice if I don’t include this social media app in my list. If you use Instagram, you must have noticed its wonderful photo editing features.

Instagram may not have advance editing tools like some other apps but it is enough to make your photos pretty.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC covers both end of the spectrum. It can be used both by beginners and advance level photographers. You can quickly edit a photo with mere taps or make use of advance features.

The app is free but you would be required to buy some premium features to fully make use of the app’s potential.

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