10 Parameters to Judge Which Digital Marketing Company Deserves your Investment

Digital marketing started with the introduction of the first ever search engine, Archie, back in 1990. But things really changed exactly two decades back when Google search was launched. Internet browsing became a household activity.

Everybody started getting ideas of how to make this task go online, how to make everything work through the internet. Today, entrepreneurs frantically search for stuff like the best digital marketing company in Delhi, or in the most popular cities like Bangalore, because they know if you are not popular online, you won’t exist in the real world for long.

Transition of the Value of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is good for you because you can literally reach the entire world with this new age mode of marketing. Not that you have to reach each and every person, digital marketing also helps you target relevant people to advertise your products to, so that you are more likely to sell your products than annoy uninterested people.

There are still some small scale businesses that don’t use digital marketing, neither do they have an online presence at all. But you are not here for such small scale businesses, Are you? The time you take deciding whether you should go for digital marketing or not, is wasted. If you don’t want to be left behind, hop on board this essential ship.

DIY or Hire Professionals?

The importance of digital marketing can never be overstated. But the way you get it done can depend on you. You might think hiring the best digital marketing company in Delhi is the best you can do for your business.

But you need to wait for the right time. You need to be ready enough to figure out what you want so that you can instruct the agency properly. If you are a beginner with a small business, you might not want to engage your money on marketing investments just yet.

Also, it is good to learn the basics of everything. Understand your business and the tendencies of the inbound traffic.

How to Choose a Good Digital Marketing Company?

Every digital marketing company will tell you it is the best. Well, every single business will tell you that. But a digital marketing company has experts in marketing. They know what to tell you in order to sell you their service. This is why you need to go by statistics and not just words. Make sure you take every promotional claim with a grain of salt and test the waters for yourself.

Here are the parameters you need to go by in order to determine which digital marketing company is actually good enough for you.

  1. Page Ranking and SEO : You must know a little about search engine optimisation yourself. You need to know a bit about back links, have a source of fresh content flow, and keyword creation tools.Regarding the SEO services in delhi, Gurgaon or any other city, Digital marketing companies there are going to provide those services too which help your website come closer to the top rank in Google search, or any other search engine. What you need to know that this can never happen overnight. Anybody claiming they can get you to the first page in a week, is most probably lying.
  2. Social Media Marketing:Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, are not just places where teenagers hang out. Social media and digital marketing are inter-related. Hence, these are very effective digital marketing tools that any smart entrepreneur will make full use of. But in order to know how the social media algorithm works, how to make full use of the social media platforms to gain maximum exposure, or how to target the most relevant demographic, you need to dedicate a lot of time. That is why you hire a digital marketer.
  3. Brand Image Building: While you can leave the most of the work to the digital marketing agency you hired, there are certain things you need to be fully involved with. Your business needs a face, people need to identify it with some themes, ideals, or a personality. A good digital marketing company will help you to build a brand image. Go for a company that adds this as one of their tasks.
  4. Mobile and Email Marketing: People download mobile apps when they intend to make a purchase from the app. People who visit the site on the internet are just browsing. More than half of the mobile searches lead to an actual conversion. Mobile marketing is essential to cater to this demographic. A good digital marketing company will put ample focus on mobile marketing.Email marketing also gives high return on investment because only those who are interested, ‘subscribe’ to email notifications. On an average, email marketing still gives higher returns than social media marketing. Your digital marketing company must have a compelling list building and traffic engaging plan for email marketing.
  5. Blogging and Vlogging skills: YouTube has the largest number of followers in the young adult to middle aged demographic. Video weblogs are therefore a very necessary tool in digital marketing. Also, the regular weblogs need to be fresh, keyword specific, used with solid backlinks, and good representative of the brand image.A good digital marketing company in Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, Noida, or even the lesser active cities will always put enough focus on content generation, keyword generation, SEO posts, content analysis, and social media updates.Check for Their Key Performance IndicatorsApart from the above mentioned pointers, there are some key performances indicators that will help you determine which company you should go for. Some of them are listed here.
  6. Traffic tracker: You need a team that has a knack for tracking the source of high traffic. A website starts getting more popular when you know which marketing campaign or which post worked for it, where most of the traffic is coming from, what age group, or what gender, or what profession the majority of the inbound traffic represents.
  7. Bounce Rate and Click through rates: A competent digital marketing company in Gurgaon or any growing city will know how to track the cause of bounce rates and how to fix it to reduce the bounce rate. It will also make your ads more effective by learning from the click through tendencies.
  8. Retargeting Plans: When things don’t work according to plan on the first try, you need cookies to look deeper into the matter and come up with a retargeting plan. A digital marketing agency claiming you won’t ever need retargeting with their service, is just plain cocky. A good digital marketing company will have a comprehensive expertise that includes retargeting skills.
  9. Personal Testimonials: Don’t trust the testimonials online. But take a personal review from the best brands the digital marketing agency in concerned has worked with earlier. Run a background check on the company’s success rate.The best digital marketing company in Delhi will easily reveal itself to you if you go by this method of scrutiny.
  10. Price: Though many digital marketing companies offer competitive pricing, you should not compromise on quality. Invest moderate money in a good company than waste a small amount on a phoney company. This does not mean you need to pay a fortune. Just, be reasonable. A cheap offer is a red flag. Ask for 24*7 customer support and some small perks instead of asking for a discount. That is the way to roll.These 10 parameters will help you find a good enough digital marketing company for your business. Take your time and analyse all your options. Go for small trial periods with the ones you like and take your pick.

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