Basic Computer general knowledge

computer is an electronic device, that makes work for us very easy. A person with computer can done work in a day so much that another person without computer cannot do the same volume of work even in a year.  These days we see use of computer in every way. So one one overcome the value of computer, if you want success in your life then you cannot abandon computer. Computer has ability to bring success for you in very short span of time. So learn computer and reach at the peak of success.

Computer has some input devices and some out put devices.

Input Devices: The devices with which we give data to computer as input, are know as input devices.

For example: Mouse, keyboard, scanner etc.

Output Devices: When data given to computer is processed inside the computer,  then it becomes as information. We do processing of data to gain information so, it is our goal to see the information, To see the information we have to use some output devices for example monitor, Keyboard, printer etc.

SMPS: SMPS STANDS FOR Switched-mode power supply. This is a part of computer that is having circuit with many wires to send power to all the units/parts of the computer.

CPU: CPU stands for Central processing unit. Without CPU you cannot claim that you have a computer. All the processing works of Data are done inside the CPU.

Operating System: Short form of Operating System is OS, an operating system is a software that manages software, hardware resources of a computer system. Without installing any Operating System you cannot perform any work with your computer. An operating system is just like a manager.

There are many operating systems are available in market for example : Windows, Linux, unix etc

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