Best Uses Of Social Media For Business

The world is becoming digitized with the speed of lightening and so is the world of business. A few decades back there were just a mediums to promote your business they include, radio, TV, newspapers and the brochures that the ad agencies hired by the businessmen for the marketing of their business used to distribute in public. The banners were pasted on prominent sites of the cities and that was all that could be done to advertise a business. But now the world has changed a lot and in just a matter of a few years the FM stations took the place of other radio channels and the cable TV took the place of the limited hour transmission. After just a few years these mediums changed further and the World Wide Web replaced almost all the mediums of marketing. In the beginning of the internet growth years the only selective businesses were promoted over the internet through specially designed web pages but with passage of time these web pages turned to websites. As in the beginning all this technology was in developing stages the websites used to take a longtime to load but with the advancement in the technology the internet speed increased many times and the websites started opening in the blink of an eye.It was the time when the business community started building websites to introduce their business to the world. The presence of business websites on the internet increased their business many folds and marketing of businesses through the internet became a common practice.

The latest trend in marketing is through the social media.There are several social media platforms that provide some space for ads for the business marketing. Today the social media websites and their regular users are increasing magically. Future of social media websites is very bright and there seems to be no end to the number of people joining the social media websites each day. With social media growing rapidly each day the business community should not miss a chance to use the social media for the marketing of their business. The only reason to do is not that it is in fashion, the solid reason behind it is that your targeted audience is always using the social media websites more than any other thing over the internet, and the people who use these social media websites are always in search of the new products from the brands they like and try to stay in touch with them through every medium available including the social media websites like Facebook and twitter. If you ask the experts about the significance of using social media websites for business promotion, the statistics that they provide will not leave any doubts in your mind that today the most effective and time efficient source of marketing is the leading social media websites like LinkedIn Pinterest, Facebook and twitter to stay strong in the time of tough competition of today. Among several different kind of social media marketing that companies use for their promotion the following is a brief introduction to a few of them.

Social Media Messaging

The latest trend in social media is the use of chatbot, it is a term about which many people still don’t know about. Chatbot are the automated text messages that can make a simple conversation with the customers.These chatbot are used on websites and in apps and in social media messengers like Facebook Messenger. These chat bot have proved to be a blessing for small business owners who are desperate to market their business as it is not a costly marketing solution. You do not need a huge amount to build these chatbot.There are dozens of tools that could help a developer as well as a not developer build a chat bot quite easily, the tools needed for making these chatbot are low priced and some of them are even free. If a small business owner can give his website developer, a copywriter and a customer care representative 4 hours daily just for two weeks he will be able to build a chatbot without any hassle.The use of these chatbot may help you reduce the work hours of your customer service staff.

Live Streaming

Live stream is a term that is used for the process in which a video data is received by and presented to an end-user while it is being delivered by the video provider. In other words it is the alternate to a video downloading,there are several videos over the internet that need to be downloaded before they can be viewed but the live stream is a video that is constantly broadcasted by the provider and all the online customers can view these videos whenever they visit the social media sites on which that video is broadcasted. This type of social media usage for marketing worked well if you have a good fan following on a social media website where you do the live stream, and if you don’t have a huge fan following it might not be effective.

Video For Marketing

The videos published by the businessmen takes various forms on the social media but the most effective videos for the marketing purposes are the ones as short as 10 seconds. These short videos are the best for marketing and advertising needs of your business. Though it is not a new word for the world but as far as marketing is concerned, the people who have not tried the videos for social media marketing should give it is try in 2018 as it is just the right time to do so.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the latest form of marketing in which the target is not the public as a whole but the people considered influential are used to impress the general public. In this type of marketing some influential personalities who have influence over the public or the potential buyer of your product, they try to orient the rest of their marketing activities around that influencer.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is an indirect or direct opinion of areal world atmosphere whose specifications are “augmented” by perceptual information produced by the computer. The sensual information that is covered can either be destructive (not related to natural environment) or productive (additive to the nature).making an app of your personal is not must in making augmented reality effort for you.

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