7 Best apps to improve English Writing Skills

“Can I be a writer who can write A one content like writers at best assignment writer?”

Every other person asks this question to himself or herself whenever he or she gets an assignment of writing an essay on any topic whether it is MY SELF or someone else or dissertation or thesis or any other writing assignment.

Writing is, truly, not easy task. It requires lots of attention, dedication, thought processing mind and most importantly a very organized mind. And it is very difficult to organize your thoughts in mind and then express it in the same way in which your mind has pictured it without any grammatical error.

Therefore, there are many applications today to help passionate and aspiring writers and all humans around the world to improve their writing skills.

Some of the most beneficial, out of, so many apps are:

  • 750 Words: There are many aspiring writers who have so many thoughts and ideas to write a content or story but they don’t have that motivation to write. 750 words is that app which provide motivation to such thinkers by giving them targets to fulfill and rewards on completing that target. Thus, on whole it makes a person dedicated towards completing his or her novel or story.
  • Grammarly: It is true that a person cannot give proper attention towards grammar while writing a story, die to which many errors and spelling mistakes are made. Grammarly is that application which can detect more than 100 mistakes at a time whether it is related to spellings or grammar. Moreover, the app also provides synonyms and antonyms too. Its premium version can detect more than 250 mistakes. So, in other words, Grammarly can help you to generate a grammatically perfect content like the content of the best assignment writer.
  • One Look Reverse Dictionary: A writer is always in need of better word for his or her story’s content. But, many times he or she doesn’t know that suitable word. Therefore, it is better for future writers to install One Look Reverse Dictionary in their phones as this provide you to search bar in which your typed description resulted in the words that would be suitable to describe your character or scenery of your story. So, download this app and get the word which can describe the details of your story perfectly and beautifully.
  • Hemingway: While writing, no one knows whether he or she is writing is easy to understand or not or is it too complex to be understood. To avoid such errors, a person can use Hemingway. Hemingway points out such mistakes and errors by highlighting each mistake with different colors so that you can correct it each mistake f them in correct way. In thus way EduBirdy’s recommended app helps the users to create short yet effective sentences. And effective sentences make the story or piece worthy to be read and worthy to be kept.
  • Daily Page: A person can avoid notification, but cannot afford to keep emails unchecked. Therefore, to let motivation gather you from all ways, install Daily Page. Daily Page sends you mails daily to give you required spoon of sugar like motivation to make you write your story. In other words, Daily Page left none of the way to let you remain on bed and leave your mind unexercised.
  • Evernote: It is very for a writer to be organized. But it is also true that organized mind sometimes leads to lack of creative ideas. That’s why it is better for writers and essayists to install Evernote in their phones. Evernote is basically a digital notepad where you can write all your points that come into your mind and then organize it when you have copied all of your points on it pages. On whole this app can make you the best assignment writer of your class and of that level which you want!
  • Vocabology: Writers and students who are writing either a poem or an essay or any story are always in need of words. They used to have have craving for words. So, in order to make your mind a basket of different that and simple living words, then you should install Vocabology. Vocabology provides you word of the day and different competition regarding vocabulary in order to make your basket bigger. Furthermore, you are also given points on the basis of your performance in every game. So, install this app and be a spelling bee.

Writing is not easy but it is also not that challenging that only god gifted children would be able to write. Everything or every skill can be learnt in thus world. Only you just need is enough dedication to learn it. So a dedicated learner and aim to be the best assignment writer!

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