Computer gk (General Knowledge) Questions with answers.

computer gk questions:

What Is the full form of CPU?
Ans : Central processing unit
What is the full form of LAN
Anas : Local area network
What is the full form of WAN
Ans: Wide area network
What is full form of Modem?
Ans: Modulator–Demodulator
Question: Who created C programming language?
Ans: An American computer scientist, Dennis Ritchie created C Programing language
Question: What is the full form of SMPS?
Ans: Switched-mode power supply.
Question: What is the browser?
Question: What is the browser?
Ans: With the help of browser, we browse and access the internet.
Question: What is the FTP?
Ans: FTP stands for File transfer protocol, With the help of FTP we send files and folders from our computer to the internet.
Question: Who is the owner of Microsoft?
Ans: Bill Gates, is the owner of Microsoft.
Question: What do you know about Facebook and who is the owner of it?
Ans: Facebook is a social media site, By using Facebook we interact with people and express our views on the internet. Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of Facebook
Question: what is Google, and who is current CEO of Google.
Ans: Google is a search Engine, Current CEO OF Google is Sundar Pichai.
Question: Tell me Name any three major search engines name?
Ans: Google, Yahoo and Bing
Question: What is the language of computer?
Ans: The language of Computer is 0 and 1
Question: tell me names of Any there gates?
Ans: AND, OR and NOT
Question: What is the full form of VPS
Ans: The full form of VPS is Virtual Private Server.
Question: What is database? Tell me any three database software names.
Ans: The collection of related data is known as database.
Oracle, MySql, SqlServer are example of database software.
Question: what is the full form of DBMS?
Ans: The full form of DBMS is , Database management system.
Question: What is the use of primary key in DBMS, give an example?
Ans: Primary key is a unique key and is used to bring uniqueness in records. A primary key is helpful to find any record from the database. For example Roll Number of a student can be set as a primary key, because roll number of every student in the class is different.

Question: Who is known as father of computer?

Ans: Charles Babbage

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