Facebook Advertising Strategy

These days with the time cost of traditional advertising is continuously increasing, so business owners have started using digital advertising at very high lever,   Facebook is one of the best digital advertising, really Facebook ads are very performing ads, You can satisfactory results at very cheap rates.

At the time of creating campaign Don’t use default bid but first put less than the bid rate recommended by the Facebook and keep increasing decreasing bid rates by taking care of the performance, I mean to say take care of bid management, because Facebook suggested bid rates are very high, sometimes campaign works well even in the half rate suggested rate by Facebook
At the time of creating campaign you can choose objective as per your requirement, Traffic objective works very well but in this case website should have good landing page. If you feel your website is not having good enough landing page and, you want to do advertising by using your Facebook page but not website then in this case you can use any other objective by taking care of your requirement.

At the time of creating campaign desired location, age, gender, language, interest and connections.
For location don’t use ‘everyone in this location’ but use ‘people who live in this location’ because there are some foreigners as well living in every country, May be foreigners don’t buy who live in your country.

Facebook advertising works very well for objective of traffic (websites) but website needs to have good landing pages and proper navigation otherwise visitors will be bounced back and they will leave website without taking any action.
Facebook custom audience system is useful in retargeting the audiences by setting criteria. By using this feature ad appears again and again to the targeted audiences. When same ad appears again and again then audiences feel that it may be a branded company and they try to buy the products./services.
Custom audience system is manly used to re-target the same people who have already seen the ad, But if you have audience details like email id, phone, zip etc. then you can set custom audience even in starting phase and you can target directly.
To create custom Audience, You need to go to Audience section of power editor. It is available in tools section of ads manager. There are different types of custom Audience available you can use as per your requirement. If you have audience details and want to target with your criteria then you need to choose Customer file, here you can upload a file having audience details but file must be in .csv for .txt format. You can download file template available there and use the same format to put audience details in the file. Once file is ready then upload it and follow the process to get the things done.
If you don’t want upload any file then you can copy and paste the audience details as there is option available.
But If you want to set custom audience system for website traffic then you must install Facebook pixel code in every pages of in <head> </head> section. With the help of pixel code Facebook will study the behavior of every visitor of your website and It will do retargeting to the specified audiences.
Pixels option is available in ad manager. You can create a Facebook Pixel code from there, this code is generated only once, you cannot generate new code again so keep save this code in a file for future use. At the process of creating pixels code choose and click on the option of ‘manually install code yourself’’

Currently Facebook don’t allow targeting followers of any page. You can target followers of your own pages and the pages of others that appear in search list of interest targeting.

Interest targeting can help you to reach the people of the followers who like pages of other brands. if you specify any xyz page in customer/audience file then Facebook will not read details of this criteria. Yes you can target those who take interest in xyz page by Interest targeting; moreover you can target ANY XYZ  page only if it is appearing there in interest search box, If it is not appearing in search box of interest then you cannot target it.

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